Friday, January 22, 2010

Teddy's Comeback: Stage Five

January 22, 2010
This morning Teddy had her good friend Fopsie over for coffee. Fopsie used to be a TV producer and knows a lot about reality television.

Teddy served Starbucks French Roast. Only the best for Fopsie!

Fopsie brought a copy of Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County and suggested Teddy do her own version of the show with bears.

Teddy wasn't sure what to think of this. She is a housewife. And she has housewife friends. It's possible.

Fopsie said go for it. But then she asked the $64,000 question: Will Nibs be OK with this?


  1. Nibs does NOT know Teddy is having this meeting with Fopsie! Shhhhhhhh....

  2. Kristy, u r right, but I don't think Nibs reads the blog... he is too busy reading the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover every day! ha ha ha