Monday, January 11, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

January 11, 2010
Before facing "the talk" with Teddy, Nibs wanted to have a proper meal so he stopped by Sushi & Kushi Imai on Wilshire Boulevard in L.A.

Nibs loves how they always give him hot towelettes to wash his paws right after he sits down.

They also start him off with Miso soup, a salad, some veggies, a bowl of steamed rice and a nice drink of cool water. So luxurious!

Nibs enjoyed some sushi...

...then finished with a side of tempura.

What a meal! But Nibs is still afraid to face bad-mood Teddy. Wish him luck!


  1. Imai is on Wilshire and San Vicente Blvds., just down the street from the Beverly Center

  2. Nibs is afraid to confront Teddy? so funny. I guess Teddy does have a temper