Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What To Get Nibs?

December 2, 2009
Teddy is already worried that she will get Nibs the wrong present. So she's starting her Christmas shopping early in hopes of reviewing the most options. Today she's at the Manhattan Beach mall, which, oddly, looks like it belongs in Connecticut.

The place had plenty of Christmas decorations up...

...and even a Santa House! How charming. Teddy is generally afraid of Santas so she stayed away from the man with the white beard. Ever since she was a cub she has been freaked out by shopping mall Santas. She's not sure why.

Pottery Barn has those leather recliners Nibs loves. Could that be a good choice for the bear who has everything? Teddy will ponder this.


  1. Any suggestions for Nibs? Maybe a new bow tie?

  2. what about getting Nibs a personal chef since Teddy can't even heat up a pizza?

  3. Nibs wants a decent pizza! Maybe she should buy him a vending machine that he can live off of

  4. a new bow tie for sure, and maybe a coat. it's gonna be a cold winter. brrrrrrrrr