Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A French Delight

December 8, 2009
It must have been hiding in plain sight! Teddy never realized there was such a wonderful French restaurant nestled inside the South end of the Farmers Market. At first it looks like a bar in a corner, but behind that bar is a quaint candlelit restaurant named Marcel.

Teddy started with the butter lettuce salad coated in a delightful champagne mustard dressing. Teddy used to eat a lot of butter lettuce salads when she was a cub. She has forgotten how tasty they are.

Next she indulged in the beet and goat cheese salad. It looked like a mini hamburger but it was actually the beets and cheese stacked up.

Teddy was so thrilled with her dining experience she has already asked Nibs to join her soon for visit number two at Marcel. Nibs is a steak man, but once in a while he needs to expand his gastronomical horizons and enjoy some frou-frou French food.


  1. you don't need a reservation at Marcel! Just show up. There is parking all around the Farmers Market.

  2. teddy is right, that beet salad does look like a hamburger. it's pretty small. don't tell me the portions are French too!