Friday, December 18, 2009

Nature in Calabasas

December 18, 2009
For a mall, The Commons at Calabasas has quite a bit of nature.

One of the ponds on the East side of The Commons had a white goose hanging out in it. Teddy was surprised. Does he live there all year round? Does he have friends? Where does he sleep? He looked so out of place.

In the middle of the center in a mini rose garden. There was another bizarre Greek statue there for some reason. And a park with benches for the old folks.

On the West end of the shopping center there is a creek that runs alongside King's Fish House, a casual restaurant where Teddy spotted Tom Bergeron from Dancing With the Stars. She never saw any of the Kardashians, but maybe that's a good thing. They look like they'd be a little mean, especially the short one who just had a baby. Teddy wouldn't want to mess with her.

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  1. yes, it was brrrrrrrrrrrr cold there. Teddy didn't dare stick her paw in the creek