Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teddy Can't Cook

December 3, 2009
Last night Teddy got it in her fuzzy head that she should cook Nibs a meal. Perhaps it's because he told her he's getting tired of takeout. Who knows. Anyhow, she pulled a Trader Joe's barbecue chicken pizza with Gouda and Mozzarella cheeses out of the freezer and gave it a try. Sounds good right? We'll see...

How hard could it be to heat up a frozen pizza? Just pop the thing in the oven for 20 minutes.

But something went wrong. Like, Teddy forgot to pull the pizza out of the oven in time because she got wrapped up in a rerun of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So she overcooked it.

She served the pizza to Nibs anyhow with an ice-cold can of Coke. Poor Nibs. He couldn't even bite into the thing. Luckily, Pizza Hut is just a phone call away. That Teddy!


  1. PS don't try this at home. That is if Teddy is in your home

  2. That should have been easy... maybe Teddy should invest in a $10 timer

  3. Teddy should have paused her DVR. Better luck next time! :)

  4. Teddy could have cause a fire! She's too kooky to cook

  5. next time try D'Giorno (sp?). they always come out OK. and get a timer. teddy should take some cooking classes or at the very least Nibs should show her what to do...