Monday, December 14, 2009

Picking Out a Tree

December 14, 2009
This weekend Teddy and Nibs picked out a Christmas tree. They hit Delancey Trees on Wilshire Blvd. near Crescent Heights because Teddy heard that the San Francisco-based organization that runs this lot helps give jobs to people who have been released from prison and need employment.

Delancey had some great trees. Nibs wanted a really tall one (men!) but Teddy pushed for a normal-sized one.

The lot also sold some nice accessories. Teddy picked up a bottle of tree food. It helps the trees live longer and prevents early needle shedding. Just pour it in the water, that is if you have a tree stand with a water basin like Teddy and Nibs do.

Only 11 days till Christmas and Teddy hasn't gotten a gift for Nibs yet. Zoiks!


  1. the nice thing about Delancey Trees is their lots is on PAVED ground which means you won't get your shoes muddy while walking around!