Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hearty Winter Breakfast

December 10, 2009
This morning Teddy and Nibs tried a new restaurant, Jack N' Jill's Too, on 3rd Street near Robertson Boulevard.

The menu was superb! Lots of tantalizing breakfast options including an Eggs Benedict Crepe! So decadent.

Teddy really liked that they served coffee in a French Press, which is just so sophisticated.

Teddy settled on the breakfast croissant sandwich. It was stuffed with eggs, avocado, ham and a special sauce that made it quite memorable. The side of fruit was a nice addition with heaps of berries and bananas.

Nibs commented on the decor. He enjoyed its simplicity.

The original Jack N' Jill's is on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. That one also has delicious food, but it's overcrowded and noisy. This second one on 3rd Street is much more civilized. There is never a wait for a table. Teddy can't tolerate waiting in line for breakfast, no way, no how.

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