Saturday, December 26, 2009

For All Those Vertigo Fans...

December 26, 2009
Even though Teddy had a Christmas hangover this morning (too many sweets!) she still headed out on an adventure in San Francisco. Teddy has always wanted to check out the place where Madeline, the striking, mysterious blonde from Vertigo, lived in that Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece.

This court-yarded building on 1000 Mason Street is a landmark. It's still an apartment building and the rent is crazy expensive, as you can imagine.

Kim Novak played Madeline very well. In one scene she walks out of this building trance-like and gets into her green sedan to roam the city like a ghost from another era. James Stewart follows her.

The building is a block away from Teddy's hotel, The Mark Hopkins, and has a great view of the bay. On this foggy day Teddy could even see Angel Island in Marin County.

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  1. Nibs is still sleeping of his Yule Log indulgence. He had 3 slices! Bears LOVE to eat...