Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cupcakes in Calabasas

December 17, 2009
Teddy finds sweet everywhere she goes these days! The Commons at Calabasas has a Crumbs Bake Shop which specializes in cupcakes. Deeeeee-licious!

Teddy's favorite flavor is Red Velvet. She picked up a few chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for Nibs.

There is also a Crumbs in Beverly Hills, but they don't sell cakes like the one in Calabasas. Hmmmm... cupcakes for Christmas? Does that sound right? Teddy usually goes with a Yule Log. She may have to mix it up this year.

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  1. get a yule log AND a crumbs cupcake. you always want left overs the next day, trust me