Monday, October 10, 2011

Starbucks Talk

October 10, 2011
Teddy showed up to the Starbucks her mom Beatrice wanted to meet her at right on time--12 noon sharp on a sunny Sunday.
Teddy waited for 15 minutes then got a coffee and mini cupcake because, you know Teddy, she can't wait when it comes to treats!
Then another 15 minutes passed. Teddy got yet another cupcake, because, really two is better than one.
Finally by 12:45 pm, Teddy realized that Beatrice was not going to show. Sheesh. Teddy didn't really expect that... Crestfallen, she headed home to Nibs.


  1. this is the Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd near the 405--I know, not very fancy!

  2. Those mini cupcakes are very cute, just the right size for Teddy.