Friday, October 28, 2011


October 28, 2011
With her appetite fully worked up, Teddy stopped by Sandwitched, which reminded her of that magical 60s TV show "Bewitched" about the dazzling Samantha Stevens and her boring husband Darren. Teddy is a wee bit like Samantha, don't you think?
There was so much to choose from! Teddy knew Nibs would enjoy the ham and cheese panini sandwich so she ordered one for him to go.
Can't forget a little Snapple to keep the fur thick! (At least that's what Teddy thinks Snapple does.)
What did you have for dinner tonight?

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  1. While Teddy was eating her sandwich from Sandwitched, I was having a roasted chicken arugula with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato aioli sandwich I picked up at Whole Foods. I guess it must have been that sandwich zeitgeist.