Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nibs Confronts Beatrice

October 6, 2011
After putting it off for days, Nibs finally asked Beatrice for a talk. So she came to the house (Teddy was on one of her drives) and the two bears sat on the bench in the courtyard.
"Beatrice, things are not going well. I would really like it if you could be easier on your daughters Teddy and Felicia," Nibs started. "They are doing the best they can. Teddy can't lose any more weight. She's so stressed out about what you think of her shape that she's losing her fur! And Felicia doesn't want to rush into marriage with Edward."
"Nibs, I am just trying to be a good mother by guiding my girls--they need my advice," Beatrice said. "I don't need you butting in. If you don't like it you can take a hike!" Beatrice really got in Nibs' grille! Look at her lunging at the guy!
"No, Beatrice, you can take a hike!" said an angry Nibs. "Leave my courtyard now!"


  1. Well, that didn't go too well. Do you think Nibs did the right thing kicking Beatrice out of his courtyard?

  2. I don't know what else Nibs could have done. He was very diplomatic with Beatrice but she makes it very difficult to for Nibs to be reasonable. Hopefully she will move on soon and life can eventually get back to normal. I wonder what Teddy is going to be for Halloween. Perhaps she can release some of her pent up stress with some wild costume.