Friday, October 21, 2011

In Honor Of...

October 21, 2011
In honor of the new peace Teddy has found with her mother Beatrice, Teddy planted (and when I say "planted" I mean stuck in a pot) a Rosemary bush. She wanted to plant an olive tree, but she couldn't lift the damn thing out of Home Depot and these days those workers there will not help anyone, not even a cute little bear.
Not only is the Rosemary bush lighter, it also has a lovely fragrance, and its needles can be used in several dishes, like Rosemary Chicken and Rosemary scones. The possibilities are endless (even though Teddy doesn't cook at all, it's still nice to dream about).
Look at that pretty pinch of Rosemary in Teddy's paw. Teddy tried to eat it, but she had to spit it out--the raw needles gave her a tummy ache.

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  1. Ah, such a domestic goddess. I love the image of Teddy using her ursine wiles on those Home Depot employees and then later spitting out rosemary needles.