Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maria Menounos: The EveryGirl's Guide To Life

June 9, 2011
Once in a while Teddy likes to pick up a new book. This month it's Maria Menounos' The EveryGirl's Guide to Life.
Teddy generally doesn't think humans have very good advice, but Maria is smart about certain things.
For instance, Maria has good advice when it comes to men, like don't just marry for money. Make sure he's good looking too.
She also suggests women exercise. Teddy was lost on that chapter. But she liked the part about eating well.
Maria also recommends having a pet. Teddy has always wanted a dog. Hmmm, maybe it's time to talk to Nibs about getting a canine.


  1. I really love Maria's book. My husband and I have been reading it together, and we are both benefiting from the great tips. I love her workout and organization tips!

  2. i luv her too! she is pretty and sweet and normal!!!

  3. I am really enjoying her book as well. I tried her Lentil soup over the weekend. So good!