Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Karaoke Night

June 8, 2011
Edward enjoys making fun of Teddy, but he also knows he has to charm her. He's well aware that Teddy has an enormous influence over her little sister Felicia, even though Felicia denies it.
So Edward invited Teddy and Nibs over for some karaoke fun. Teddy said she didn't sing.
"Edward, I just don't sing!" insisted Teddy. Nibs told her to give it a go.
Teddy wasn't too shy in front of the mike. She belted out "Killing Me Softly" then "Borderline" followed by "Moon River." That Teddy! She had to be told twice to sit down.
Next up were Edward and Felicia who sung the duet "Endless Love." "Nibs, they're so cute together," Teddy said. Ah, finally Teddy is warming up to Felicia's fuzzy guy.

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