Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Date

June 7, 2011
Another date between Edward and Felicia!
He invited Felicia to his back yard for a drink, just like he used to do with Fopsie. Hmmm...
Edward was charming and amusing. He told stories of his travels to Hong Kong and how he thinks Teddy is a little crazy.
Felicia chuckled a bit when she heard the part about Teddy. Felicia also thinks Teddy is a little fur-brained!
The bears got along so well that they sat holding paws for the rest of the afternoon sharing zany Teddy stories like about the time Teddy served Nibs poison pasta. If Teddy only knew!


  1. Teddy better put down the remote and check on her own reality series.

  2. ha ha ha
    u r so right
    teddy would never guess that people would make FUN OF HER