Friday, June 17, 2011

The Clan Dines Together

June 17, 2011
If Teddy doesn't invite the bears over she never seems them! Teddy is like the chief of the bear clan. Always getting everyone together!
Nibs made steak and potatoes with Brussels sprouts for Fopsie and Herbert and Edward and Felicia. And of course Teddy too.
Teddy was happy. At first she was skeptical about Edward and Felicia dating. But now she can see they are good for each other.
Fopsie was still worried about Teddy's reality TV addiction and didn't want to tell her Bravo was currently casting The Real Housewives of Malibu, which Teddy would no doubt want to be a part of even though she doesn't live in Malibu.
Edward and Felicia just stared at each other all night. Cub love.
Teddy put out peonies for the dinner party. Aren't they pretty?

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