Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ashley Hebert Slammed For Her Looks!

June 28, 2011
After watching The Bachelorette all season, Teddy feels sorry for poor little Ashley Hebert from Maine. She's not the prettiest and she's not the brightest, but she certainly doesn't deserve to be slammed the way she is!
Life & Style said she's been tortured for her looks, which is true. Some of the guys, like dirtbag Bentley and clueless William, confessed that they wish it had been Emily Maynard who was the Bachelorette and not Ashley. That's just evil!
InTouch showed this awful photo of Ashley sans hair and makeup and hotsie totsie clothes. She looks just dreadful! Ashley, you're a celebrity now, put on the war paint!
Here's a closeup in case you want more. The article was about how Ashley slept with Bentley, but Teddy didn't want to read it. TMI.
Here's a photo of loserface Bentley on his honeymoon, below. Teddy doesn't think he's handsome at all. Nibs is like 5 billion times better looking, she thinks.
Reality Steve says JP is the winner. Teddy doesn't believe it. Her animal instincts tell her that Ben F. is the winner. Teddy believes Ashley is attracted to JP but it's all lust. She has a deeper connection with Ben F. Also, Ben F. seems rich (was that a Cartier watch he was wearing last night?). Money talks. Also, RS has been wrong for the last 2 seasons, so Teddy doesn't trust him.

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