Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sprinkles To Go!

October 27, 2009
Yesterday Teddy was in search of the perfect croissant. Today Teddy is trying to find the yummiest cupcake. So she visited Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, which she has heard everyone rave about. Teddy wanted to make sure she got the full Sprinkles experience so instead of ordering just one she got a dozen. At home she sampled their chocolate cupcake. It was heavenly! But she can't wait to get her paws on the red velvet variety. (Yes, she did share with Nibs, but not much.) There are Sprinkles all over the country, including Dallas and Chicago, and they will be doing special cupcakes for Halloween, fyi.


  1. For u Northern California people, there is a Sprinkles at the Stanford Shopping Center.

  2. i love sprinkles....a dozen???

  3. Sprinkles are the BEST. Crumbs are good too