Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Palazzo Is Palatial!

October 6, 2009
It's autumn all right and The Palazzo in Las Vegas sure wants to remind you of that. In their ginormous lobby area they have a massive pumpkin and flower display that just spells fall glory. The decorations still can't hide the larger-the-life Palazzo accents like a cascading waterfall, a pond with fountains and a 50-foot high Lalique crystal statue. It's not one of the more subtle hotel lobbies, but who wants subtle anyway? Like all good hotels, The Palazzo offers a selection of incredible shops and restaurants. Those are up next...


  1. Teddy must be happy... there are fountains there. Actually, Teddy seems to find fountains everywhere she goes, how is that?

  2. this is kind of pretty
    i like it
    is it super expensive?

  3. those arangements are gorgeous

  4. looks pretty nice. wow. you can't see photos like this on their website. thanks for the looky loo Teddy