Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to Teddy and Nibs...

This site is about the adventures of two bears: the feisty and zany Teddy, and her husband, the ever reliable and wise Nibs. They have been married for many years and are independently wealthy, allowing them to spend their days doing lots of fun things that no one who sits in a cubicle all day long could ever fit into their schedule. Often, Teddy drags Nibs around to odd places--really, whatever seems thrilling to her at the moment. Follow Teddy and Nibs on their daily outings; live vicariously through their shenanigans, sojourns, sightseeing. Please suggest a few places you'd like them to go to as well. Along the way, learn about the rich lives of two little bears with big dreams.


  1. this blog is very inventive and creative, thanks for doing it!

  2. i love your blog; it's fantastic!

  3. Teddy and Nibs are awesome! Have they explored the Venice canals? There are some in Long Beach, too! Seems like something these adventure-loving bears might enjoy! - Sonia :)