Monday, August 31, 2009

Montage Monday

August 31, 2009
This morning Teddy and Nibs checked out the mini-park built in the middle of the newish, massive hotel, Montage Beverly Hills on Canon Drive (it opened in November). In order to erect such a large structure, the city demanded the developers create a cute little park for the public to enjoy. They did a swell job! Nestled among the gorgeous Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, the park has lots of places to sit and read. It's Italianesque and peaceful. Teddy liked the fountains. Here she is testing the waters of the fountain on the East side of the park.


  1. i didn't know there was a park there!!! thanks T&N!

  2. next time Teddy and Nibs hit Montage I want to go with them. looks very relaxing

  3. gorgeous arches with vines, so well done