Monday, August 24, 2009

Teddy Stops N Smells the Roses

August 24, 2009
After a few good meals, Teddy felt she needed a leisurely stroll around beautiful L.A. to balance her day out so she took to the graveled, nicely manicured path along Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Teddy loves to stop and smell the roses. She's a real floraphile even though she doesn't garden (she hates to get her paws dirty!). After a good saunter past Maple Drive, Teddy stumbled upon the pink Gemini Hybrid Tea roses. She was taken by their color and natural simplicity. Teddy recommends that whenever you pass a rose you take a good look (and whiff) because rose admiring is one of the true lovely pleasures in life.


  1. I love the adventures of Teddy and Nibs! I agree with Teddy's advice to stop and smell the roses...
    It is so much fun to see the outings of Teddy and Nibs..I can't wait to see what the next day brings :))

  2. Thanks for your interest Kips! Please tune in every day as Teddy and Nibs will always have new adventures. They are very active bears who relish adventure! Thanks, Team T and N

  3. does teddy like mums? those are my favorite!

  4. Teddy and Nibs should have a gardener so that Teddy can have beautiful and fragrant roses to sniff at a moment's notice!

  5. Does Teddy wear a hat when she's out in the sun? I would hate to see her get burned!