Monday, August 24, 2009

Teddy and Nibs Go House Hunting

August 24, 2009
Teddy and Nibs know they want a new house. Why shouldn't they live in luxury? Nibs put in many years as a medical doctor and he invested wisely in real estate up and down the coast of California. He feels he should be able to enjoy his rewards. Teddy worked hard too. For many years she was a model in New York City. Maybe you recognize her? So Teddy and Nibs roamed the Beverly Hills "flats" area today. They both know they want a beige house with lots of flowers and plants. And a big TV room. They love to watch old movies at home. Those are pretty much their requirements. Oh, and Teddy would like a posh fountain in her back yard. Here are some of the mansions Teddy and Nibs previewed today. They are all on Maple Drive in Beverly Hills. Happy house hunting Teddy and Nibs!