Friday, September 16, 2011

Truth and Cinnamon Rolls

September 16, 2011
With thoughts of getting her out of L.A., Teddy invited her mom Beatrice over yesterday afternoon. On the menu was Teddy's favorite meal: cinnamon rolls and coffee.
"Mom, if I get Edward to propose to Felicia will you leave town?" Teddy said.
"Teddy, that is the rudest thing you ever asked me!" said a startled Beatrice."Why do you want me to leave L.A.? I just got here!"
"Mother, you are very hard on your daughters. We can't take it. I am sure you are thinking right now that I am so fat that I shouldn't even touch this cinnamon roll," Teddy started. "But guess what? I'm going to eat the whole thing in one bite, watch me!"


  1. Poor Teddy. I bet that cinnamon roll didn't taste so good after that outburst.