Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Letter From Mama Bear

September 7, 2011
In the mail today Teddy received a card which had very familiar writing on it.
Teddy was paralyzed with fear. Could it be from her mother?
She slowly opened the card....
It looked like a cheerful card, but was the message as upbeat?
Gadzooks! It was from Teddy's mom! Holy bear traps!
"Dear Teddy, I'm coming to visit you in Los Angeles in early September. See you soon! Love, Your Mother." Early September? That's now! OH NO!


  1. Teddy seems to have trouble with older female relatives. Is Endora Teddy's mother's sister? These mama grizzlies sure must be intimidating.

  2. I can't make out the name on the envelope but I am curious, what is Teddy's last name?

  3. Teddy Robinson -- that's perfect!