Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dancing Their Way To Peace

September 21, 2011
After a brief hibernation brought on by the stress of having her mother Beatrice in town, Teddy emerged from her bed yesterday. On Nibs' advice, Teddy asked Beatrice to come over for some fun. So together they took in the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars.
Fopsie, Teddy's Hollywood insider, said that Mark Ballas is already hitting on his partner, The Hills beauty Kristin Cavallari, and that is why he recently broke up with American Idol singer Pia Toscano.
Fopsie also said that George Clooney's ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is the LEAST liked on the set because she is not friendly (it may have something to do with her awkward Italian accent--the girl can barely speak English!).
Instead of fighting, Teddy and Beatrice were bonding over the show--Beatrice loved it that Teddy had the inside scoop. That Nibs sure is a smart bear!


  1. What about Rob Kardashian?! :)

  2. what about him? he could do his sister Khloe