Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teddy Confronts Her Mother

September 13, 2011
After the storm that is called Beatrice came through, Teddy became flooded with emotion. So Teddy decided to have a sit down talk with her mother.
"Mom, every time you come to visit me and Felicia you have some criticism for us. This time it's why isn't Felicia married," Teddy started. She sounded confident but her paws were sweaty and her fur was standing straight up.
"Teddy, I had no idea you felt this way," said Beatrice. " But isn't that what moms do? They mettle! I still love my cubs all the same."
Teddy's little heart melted and she gave her mother a hug. "Jeez, Teddy, you've put on some weight!" Beatrice blurted out. OH NO! Guess she just couldn't help herself... Poor Teddy.

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  1. I noticed that Beatrice has a single strand of pearls too. I see that is where Teddy and Felicia get their knowledge about accessorizing. Like mother like daughters.