Friday, July 8, 2011

Teddy Interrupts

July 8, 2011
The other day Nibs went to visit his friend Mr. Brown.
They had delicious cookies and French Roast coffee.He quite enjoyed himself.
Mr. Brown talked about his latest investments and even asked about Fopsie (!).
Too bad for Nibs that Teddy had to tag along. "Fopsie? Why are you asking about Fopsie?" Teddy wanted to know in her typical tabloid reporter tone.
"Teddy, just have another cookie!" said Nibs, wanting to avoid an embarrassing situation.


  1. First Edward and now Mr. Brown! These bears can really carry a torch. I thought there was a Mrs. Brown. Maybe some bears have wandering eyes. Just trying to think like Teddy.

  2. Fopsie must have that something SPECIAL
    Mr. Brown had a girlfriend, not a wife
    who knows if they've split!