Thursday, July 28, 2011

Felicia and Teddy Cocktail Talk

July 28, 2011
Felicia said she needed some sister time. Uh-oh. "Of course," Teddy said. "Come on over for some cranberry juice on the rocks!"
"Teddy, I want Edward to propose to me," Felicia said frankly. "You got Nibs to pop the question fast. How did you do it?"
Teddy was stunned. "I had no idea you were that serious," said Teddy, which really wasn't the truth, but she didn't know what else to say. "I gave Nibs an ultimatum, actually. I said marry me or else! It's my style."
"Did I hear my name?" said Nibs, who popped out of nowhere, as usual.
"Um, er," Teddy stammered. "I don't know!"


  1. It's kind of scary the way Nib's just pops up so suddenly. Doesn't he have something else to do or somewhere else to be? If I were Teddy, I would be getting a little twitchy.

  2. I think he has cameras all over the place. It's the only explanation...

  3. I realize that Teddy is a fascinating bear but I wonder why Nibs has lately taken on such an intense interest in the minute-to-minute activities of Teddy. Is this a mating ritual?

  4. hee hee, yup
    Teddy hopes it will end soon