Monday, July 18, 2011

Coldwater Canyon Park

July 18, 2011
With the weather nice and the roads clear (they're now calling the 405 closure Arma-HEAVEN because traffic was at an all-time low), Teddy and Nibs looked for a little nature at the (relatively) new Coldwater Canyon Park in The City Of Beverly Hills (Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba visit often).
Nibs was very impressed with the fancy, drought-proof landscaping.
There was also a dazzling, modern-looking fountain.
Teddy thought the stream that came out of the fountain was a nifty idea. "What a great place to cool your paws!" said Teddy
On the perimeter of the park was a rubber walking path for exercise freaks (Teddy is not one, ahem).
No squabbling, no snickering, no sarcasm. Teddy and Nibs got along swimmingly. Maybe they should get out in nature more often!

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