Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Riu Is Royal

May 12, 2010
Teddy chose The Riu Palace at Playa Del Carmen because it's so ritzy 'n' glitzy. Nibs would prefer to stay in a rustic hut with no TV or room service, but not Teddy. That bear does not like to rough it and has zero interest in the simple life.
 Teddy was in awe of the hotel lobby's chandeliers. They were so sparkly-sparkly!
The sitting areas were especially convenient as they were a nice A/C'd refuge from the constant South of the Border heat.
Teddy also appreciated all the fancy details like this over sized urn. She tried to look inside but the lid wouldn't lift off. It must have been glued shut.
More later...


  1. Do you like the overdone lobby look? Some people have said it's gaudy, others said it's elegant...

  2. We live in a section of Philadelphia that "over decorates" for Christmas. We've heard celebrities say they like to come here during the Christmas season, because they see nothing but Christmas lights all over before landing at the airport. Fancy people say "it's gaudy." How can excess be gaudy? It's too pretty! On the other hand, that urn was glued off because someone lives in it. Seriously. Looks about the size of our whole house!

    And, now our wives want the chandelier for our house. Imagine fitting THAT chandelier into THAT urn. Can you see the problem? Can you explain it to our wives? They don't understand. kehehehehehe

  3. Teddy thinks nothing is ever too overdone! That urn could fit a lot of bears in it...
    Philly must be beautiful!