Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breakfast Teddy Style

May 13, 2010
Just because she's on vacation doesn't mean Teddy is going to change her morning ritual of a super large breakfast.
The croissants were heavenly, which was interesting considering 20 years ago you couldn't find a croissant in Mexico to save your life. Teddy balanced her meal out with eggs and fruit.
Her favorite part of the morning was sipping her coffee after breakfast. Nibs was off checking his emails in the lobby. Someone's gotta do the business stuff in this relationship and it ain't gonna be Teddy!
Teddy loved looking out at The Riu's plaza. So peaceful just watching palm tree leaves sway with the wind.


  1. the bfast was serves buffet style, perfect for a hungry bear

  2. Teddy seems like a lady, ah, bear, of I right? :-)

  3. good point TBF. bears don't really work. but nibs still needs time to manage all that money he has to spend on Teddy daily!!!