Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beachin' It

May 11, 2010
Though they don't really like getting sand in their fur, Teddy and Nibs hit the beach anyhow at Playa Del Carmen because, really, how could they not?
Teddy just loved how warm the water was! It felt like a bath, not an ocean.
It took some talking, but Teddy finally got Nibs to stop napping on his towel and to start enjoying the scenery. Sadly, no shark sightings to announce, sigh. Teddy was told that Tiger Sharks do come out once in a while, but she couldn't find any.
Here's to another day of doin' nothin', bear style.


  1. Nope, no sunscreen for these bears. They don't burn...

  2. Have Teddy and Nibs ever been to Hawaii?

  3. Not yet. Should they go? Maybe this summer... or in the fall so they can whale watch