Thursday, May 20, 2010

Massages On The Beach

May 20, 2010
No challenges were presented to them during their vacation in Playa Del Carmen, but Teddy and Nibs still felt the need to get massages on the beach.
While they waited for the masseuses, Teddy worked on one of Nibs' shoulders. He has so many knots!
Teddy likes this vacation. No work, no problems, just plenty of chill out time!
Where else can you get a massage right on the beach while listening to the waves crash?
Teddy and Nibs felt like they were in a Corona commercial...


  1. A Swedish massage at the Riu costs $150! Zoiks

  2. Maybe they should have gotten Mexican massages instead.

  3. Great idea! every country should have their own type of massage. Why do only Sweden and Thailand get the honors?