Friday, March 19, 2010

Where Did My Nibs Go?

March 19, 2010
Nibs has been doing his own thing all week. Teddy misses Nibs. She liked it better when they spent their days together, like when they splashed in the shore of Malibu just last month. Awww, the glory days.

How can Teddy get through to Nibs? Some days she just wants to hang her fuzzy head down and weep.


  1. yup, nibs is at the gym again today

  2. So sad. Sounds like Teddy & Nibs need to plan a date night!

  3. Nibs needs to get on the bathroom scale. We're teddy bears! We can eat all we want and never gain weight! This gym stuff. This dieting stuff. Really? Just gives us all things to acheive, that we don't want to achieve. We all vote for Nibs coming home, and skipping that gym thingy!

  4. Your are right TBF: Dieting is for the birds, not the bears!