Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MangaRosa For Dinner

March 30, 2010
Last night Nibs took Teddy to MangaRosa, a romantic Brazilian restaurant in the North Beach section of San Francisco.

The menu was exotic. Nibs pointed out the unusual desserts to Teddy, like the Coconut Flan and Mango Creme Brulee.

For dinner Teddy had the scallops with pasta and mushrooms in a cream sauce.

Nibs kept it light with a butter lettuce salad dressed with mango, cheese and cranberries.

Nibs sure is glad he flew up to San Francisco to find Teddy! Not only are they getting along great, but they're eating like royalty. Let's hope the fun lasts...

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  1. fruit in a dinner salad is becoming popular. not only are mangos a good add, but so are strawberries, try it!