Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jake and Vienna Next To Marry?

March 9, 2010
After Jason and Molly's wedding special Jake and Vienna from the last season of The Bachelor gave an interview. Jake said he is definitely marrying Vienna. Teddy was shocked! Isn't Jake a snake? Won't he dump Vienna soon?

Some of the wedding guests were also interviewed. Host Chris Harrison asked DeAnna if she was engaged to her boyfriend Stephen. She said no and that the question was making Stephen nervous. Awkward alert!

When Jillian and Ed were asked if wedding plans were underway for them, they said yes. Can you believe it? Another Bachelor wedding. Teddy can't wait!

No matter how corny these reality shows get, Teddy just eats them up. Nibs cannot understand her TV tastes.

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  1. next week 20/20 does a special on the Bach. Teddy is sure it will be all fluff.