Monday, March 1, 2010

Macy's One Day Sale!

March 1, 2010
On Saturday Macy's held a One Day Sale. The prices were ridiculously great.

Teddy of course checked it out. She went to the Macy's at the Westside Pavilion where she filmed her smash hit YouTube video "Teddy At Da Mall."

Teddy needed some household stuff so she hit the top floor first.

The champagne glasses sure were pretty... and 30% off!

Teddy was tickled pink by this Kitchen Aid mix-master. What a delightful hue... if your name is Barbie.

Teddy bought so much stuff (towels, wine glasses), that she needed someone to help her to her car! What will Nibs say?

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  1. sadly, the sale is over, but they will have another one in a few months