Friday, January 13, 2012

The Mean Girls Of The Bachelor

January 13, 2012
Teddy just can't believe how many mean girls are on this season's of The Bachelor with winemaker Ben F from Sonoma (sorry photo below is so dark--flash probs).
First there is crazy blogger Jenna, who reminds Teddy of all the mean cubs in her high school. Yuck. Glad she went home! (Look at those crazy eyes, zoiks!)
Then there is Courtney Robertson who plays innocent with Ben but when she's with the other contestant she shows her sharp claws. Meow! Another meanie. Don't even get Teddy started on Blakeley, who looks like a Las Vegas showgirl. Make that a RETIRED Las Vegas showgirl.
There are some decent ladies, like the one who rode in on a horse. But Teddy truly is disappointed in this crop. The last really cool Bachelor contestant was DeAnna Pappas and that was YEARS ago.

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