Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bachelor Ben's Sister Julia Flajnik

January 30, 2012
Teddy is still watching The Bachelor--she can't help it!
The women are so mean to each other, it's awful. Courtney Robertson seems determined to belittle and mock all the girls around her. Figures. Fopsie told Teddy that Courtney has dated celebrities like Jesse Metcalfe and used to go to all the Hollywood parties! Not marriage material.
The race seems to be between Courtney and Emily, below, but Teddy wishes he'd end up with Kacie B. She is a sweet Southerner who doesn't look like she'd ever hang with lame-o actors like Jesse.
Actually, the cutest girl on the show is Ben's SISTER Julia. Maybe she, not Emily Maynard, should be the next Bachelorette! Julia's on Facebook, check her out. She's an Event Coordinator at Ben's Envolve Wines.
Everyone is buzzing that Courtney is the winner. Can it be true? How can he end up with such a mean spirited woman? Teddy is stumped. She will just have to keep watching...

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