Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teddy's Jackie O. Ray-Bans

December 27, 2011
Teddy REALLY liked the Jackie O. Ray-Ban sunglasses that Nibs gave her for Christmas, so much so that she refused to take them off, even when Herbert and Fopsie came by for a visit.
"Teddy, you look so chic with your Jackie O. sunglasses," said Fopsie. "Do you always wear them inside the house?"
"Pretty much, yup," Teddy replied. (Nibs was a tad embarrassed for his wife.)
"Nibs, what did Teddy get you for Christmas?" Fopsie asked. "Um, Teddy said she forgot it was Christmas so she didn't get me anything," said Nibs. Poor Nibs!
Teddy has gone too far this time!


  1. Too far! There will be repercussions. I think those glasses, chic tho they may be, are emblematic of the blinders Teddy has to Nibs' feelings!

  2. well put Felicia. Teddy needs to wake up!

  3. Those glasses look so fetch on teddy!!