Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...On the Way Home

December 7, 2011
How could Teddy not stop at the Camarillo outlets on her way home?
It's Christmas shopping time, right? (At least Teddy now has an excuse.)
Uh-oh. Teddy can't find her car. Here we go again!
Good luck Teddy!


  1. Doesn't Teddy have one of those electronic alarm setters for her car? That way she just has to click it and her car will beep back. BTW, I never considered this but where does Teddy keep her keys while she is walking around. She doesn't carry a purse and I don't see any pockets in all that fur.

  2. All this fame from the blog has gone to Teddy's head--she's hired a bodyguard to hold her purse and keys so she doesn't look overaccessorized in the photographs. That Teddy!

  3. Oh I thought that was Nibs' job. That bodyguard must be very patient but it is understandable, given the high unemployment.

  4. She has had 5 bodyguards quit on her this year, shhhh, don't tell anyone