Thursday, December 22, 2011

Break Out The Bubbly!

December 22, 2011
Taking Nibs' advice, Teddy invited her sister Felicia and her mother Beatrice over for some bubbly and cookies.
"So Teddy, have you been hibernating lately?" asked her mom. "We haven't see much of you."
"I have been sleepy, yes that's true. You know how these days of winter affect my mood," Teddy said.
"How's dad?"
Beatrice didn't answer the question and instead changed the subject to the champagne, which she said was quite delicious.
Do you wonder what Teddy's father could be like?


  1. I bet he is a lot like Nibs. I'm not saying Teddy has a daddy thing but Nibs is quite a bit older than she is and so I do wonder...

  2. u might be on to something Felicia! we'll met Teddy's father in 2012

  3. I am so impressed with the widening cast of bears. Looking forward to meeting père Teddy.