Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ride Home...

February 24, 2010
Nibs put a lot of miles on his Benz driving to and from Palm Springs, but it was worth it. The trip was a major success! No fights, no problems.

Getting back into L.A. traffic took some getting used to.

It was nice coming home though. Much colder than The Springs, however. Good thing the bears have a thick coat of fur!

Teddy was a polite passenger the entire time. Nibs thinks she napped a lot. He heard her snore now and then.

Back to real life. How long will it take the bears to adjust?


  1. Nibs made the trip in 90 minutes flat! He's fast

  2. Does Nibs use pedal extensions? I'm wondering if he finds the car a bit "over-sized," as it were. Or, perhaps he uses some proprietary device, of which we are unaware (due to the artfully-arranged photos). Clever Nibs!

  3. He uses all kinds of buttons. Very modern. Very 007