Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In-N-Out Break

February 3, 2010
He's a patient bear, but even Nibs has his limits. Teddy's obsession with her acting comeback is driving him to the brink. To deal with the tension, Nibs headed to In-N-Out.

Their menu is simple. Nibs usually goes for the double-double with extra onions.

After a few French Fries Nibs started to calm down. He needs to learn how to deal with Teddy and her manic nature.

Or maybe that phone call will come telling Teddy she's landed a great part in a movie. One can only hope!


  1. Nibs went to the In-N-Out by the LAX airport. That way he could eat AND watch the planes land...

  2. poor Nibs, he needs a break. That Teddy is a lot to deal with