Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Schwab's But...

February 2, 2010
While watching Sunset Boulevard last week, Teddy noticed a scene where Joe Gillis drops into Schwab's drugstore for some cigarettes. That reminded Teddy of the famous story of how Lana Turner was discovered inside Schwab's. Just like that. Hello. How are you? Want to be a star? So easy! Schwab's is no longer around, but Teddy knew of another hangout where big shots swarm: Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills.

With William Morris Endeavor talent agency down the street, Teddy thought perhaps a director or casting person might wander on up to Brighton and--bam!--notice her.

Teddy sat there for an hour sipping on her Earl Grey tea with lemon.

She didn't see any Hollywood types today. But maybe tomorrow!


  1. Nibs didn't want to go with Teddy to Brighton. He's getting a little tired of Teddy's tenacity!

  2. Great choice. I want to check that place out sometime. I hear they have delicious pancakes.