Saturday, July 28, 2012

Felicia and Edward's Reception

July 28, 2012
After Felicia and Edward said "I do," they went to Teddy's reception in her back yard. As usual, Teddy put on a fabulous spread complete with fresh flowers, Chardonnay and ritzy gold chargers.
Felicia and Edward were super lovey dovey and couldn't keep their paws off each other (!).
Teddy and Nibs were drama free (for now).
But Teddy and Felicia's parents, well, they didn't look so cuddly. Did something ruffle their fur?
Stay tuned for more photos from the clan's Wedding Of The Year!


  1. Will we ever find out the story of Felicia and Teddy's parents? And why Teddy and Felicia don't bear any resemblance to them?

  2. ps What is Teddy's dad's name?