Monday, July 23, 2012

Emily Maynard's Diamond Engagement Ring

July 23, 2012
The Bachelorette didn't end the way Teddy thought it would. For weeks Teddy thought the winner would be Arie, but then we all saw Jef steal Emily's heart. Awww. Nice that he put a ring on it and chose a big, 3.5 carat, 88 diamond sparkler from Neil Lane. Yup, there are 88 (!) diamonds on this ring.
The ring is bigger than Teddy! Anyhow, nice to see a guy drop to his knee and say such nice words, sigh.
Teddy feels this couple will end up walking down the aisle. Emily said she wants a spring 2013 wedding.
Teddy's favorite part of last night's show? When Jef told Emily she would no longer be lonely. Sweet. He's moving to NC for her when they return from Africa. Teddy will try to keep you posted on all things Jefily!

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  1. Celeb's always publish their diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding bands, if they are going to engage or going to marry each other. Their diamond rings will be more expensive obviously. I too love diamond rings and this rings is very beautiful:-)

  2. Speaking of engagements, is Felicia's wedding still on for Saturday?